Why Choose Duquesne Fence in Beaver and Allegheny Counties

There is a lot that Duquesne Fence, can do to help you experience the benefits of having a fence.
  • You'll have a more secure home.
  • You can keep kids and pets in.
  • It will give you more privacy.
  • You can improve your home's curb appeal.
These are just some of the benefits presented by Duquesne Fence. Provided that you hire us, you can really experience these benefits and the investment will be worth it.

Fence Types
One of the biggest decisions that you have to make is on what type of fence you'll install in your home. There are a lot of different fence types offered by Duquesne Fence but these are the most popular ones:
  • Wood
A Classic Picket Fence especially since this is the most popular fence type in the US. It's a good option But if you're after privacy, a Custom Privacy Fence would be your choice. It's also very beautiful.

Best of all, this is a very affordable option. It's no wonder why it's the most popular fence type.

  • Aluminum
This is another popular option. It's a beautiful type of fence especially since you can make it look like other types of fence like wood. Another benefit is it's virtually maintenance-free.

On the downside, it's not as strong as the other fencing types. It's also not recommended for homes located in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

  • Chain link
There's a reason why it's the preferred fencing type of schools. It gets the job done. It secures a property well and can keep kids inside.

It does have a couple of disadvantages though. By itself, it doesn't offer much when it comes to adding privacy to homeowners. It's also not appealing to look at, although a little creativity from companies that install fences will surely help.

  • Vinyl
If not for the cost, vinyl fencing would be the most popular fencing type. It's 5 times stronger and 4 times more flexible than wooden fences. It doesn't require maintenance. There are a lot of varieties to choose from.

Sure, you'd have to spend more during the installation, but the benefits will make the investment worth it. With the help of Duquesne Fence Inc., your investment it will pay for itself several times over.

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Obviously, there are a lot of fencing types to choose from. It can be very overwhelming to choose one, so consider the pros and cons and cross-reference that with your needs and preferences. When in doubt, you can always ask Duquesne Fence.

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